We live for chatbots

The meaning of our work is to help companies automate processes and rid their workers of having to complete boring and repetitive activities. And we’re managing to do this thanks to our chatbots.

Our clients are agencies and freelancers who can deploy and use Feedyou chatbots by themselves. We also tailor-make chatbots for companies.

See who trusts in our chatbots:

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What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a communications robot whom you can write to or chat with. A chatbot generally communicates according to what you teach it and will sometimes use Artificial Intelligence (NLP – Natural Language Processing) to analyse the text of questions, which it will then use to determine the likelihood of what the user is asking for. It then responds according to this probability.

A chatbot can be a great help for businesses involved with repetitive communication activities. It can fully or partially replace workers in HR, call centres, help desks, and sales, thus giving them time for more important and meaningful activities.

See where our chatbot has helped


Winner of the IEA 2018 Award. The Robert chatbot brought a record number of people in for an interview in the highly competitive environment of the Liberec Region.

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A chatbot for the recruitment of manufacturing workers for plants in Dolní Kralovice, Prostějov and Žebrák. In 30 days, the chatbot communicated with 479 people, out of which 170 of the most relevant were put in contact with HR managers.

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Employers Club

3,777 inquiries about the Czech Republic’s favourite employers were handled in 3 months by our chatbot, Josefina, a digital copy of the competition’s ambassador.

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Gi Group

Gi Group was the first recruitment agency in the Czech Republic to launch a recruitment chatbot. And we were there!

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The female Terka chatbot, and the Vítek chatbot, for communicating with millennials on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram and on a career websites such as jobs.cz.

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Career Fair

A chatbot that sells tickets for one of the best and most original job fairs in the Czech Republic.

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The ZAT Customer Day was an ideal opportunity to deploy the chatbot to collect applications from its suppliers, customers, partners and the professional public.

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Continental is more than just tyres. This is the main message we have been spreading among young people, potential candidates for the Trainee program, and technology professionals.

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A chatbot for streamlining technical support for an extensive network of financial advisers and managers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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For STRV, we have created a chatbot for collecting consent as part of the new GDPR Regulation. Our technology has taken an unpleasant theme and made it fun, while also achieving an excellent conversion rate.

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