Simplifying communication & creating better relationships

We live for virtual assistants – chatbots and voicebots. Through them, we help people get rid of repetitive communication and make their lives easier.

We are creating a unique tool to build and manage virtual assistants and help companies around the world automate any kind of communication.

In a nutshell

With the latest technologies, data and a responsible approach to automation, we make business communication with customers and employees more accessible, efficient and relevant.

Where we are heading

We are not replacing human colleagues, but helping them through artificial intelligence. We bring new ways of communicating with customers and employees across departments and processes.

Specialists in automated communication

Chatbots and voicebots are still at the start of their capabilities. But their technology is evolving so fast that it could make anyone’s head spin. We’re keeping an eye on where conversational technology is headed, so you don’t have to. Now we’re teaching virtual assistants to be more useful and designing them to learn on their own. At the same time, we’re helping companies enter the world of automated communication with Feedyou Platform.

The way you say it

We believe it’s not just about what you say, but how you say it.



That’s when it all started and the idea of helping people find the way to their dreams was born. Eventually, we took a completely different direction…


Feedies in an all-star team that will stop at nothing for a challenge. We’re colleagues, partners and one big family who love what we do.


Conversations take place between virtual assistants and their live counterparts every year. And every second, a new one passes through our system.

Over 250 solutions in 30 countries


Over 250 solutions in 30 countries


What makes us a great team

We asked ourselves what we appreciate most about Feedyou


Our personal life is as important to us as our work life and we value each other’s free time.

We enjoy learning. We believe that Feedyou is a great school for us. We create space for personal and career growth.

We plan our work according to our goals and needs. We can work from anywhere we want. Responsibly.

We trust each other and say things the way they are. We’re not afraid of feedback and we want to get better at what we do.

We communicate “Wolf = Wolf”. That means clearly so that both parties understand each other at first sight and do not spend more time explaining.

We don’t keep our knowledge just to ourselves and share helpful information with each other.

Feedie? Who is that?


Feedie at heart

Someone who loves technology and is passionate about the work they do. And that’s the kind of people we’re looking for.


In another way

We’re a team that does our work responsibly because we value and enjoy what we do. We have offices to collaborate, not to clock in and clock out.

Growing together

We enjoy learning and believe that Feedyou is a great school for us. We keep our startup vibe and are always thinking about how to do things differently – better.

Who holds us together


Our story from Pardubice



The birth of Feedyou and our first chatbot

In 2017, CzechInvest chose us as one of 20 promising technology startups and sent us to Silicon Valley for the TechCrunch Disrupt global conference. After our return, we finished the first version of our chatbot and started offering it to the first customers.



Big names, money and moving

We are leaving the old office with pallet desks behind and with the first money from an investor, we are moving to a better and bigger space. We get our first big clients such as Continental, Mubea, Fincentrum, Lufthansa InTouch, KYB or STRV.



Overcoming first obstacles

We parted ways with the first big investor and looked for a new path. It was the hardest decision we ever had to make, and despite all the obstacles, we got more great clients, many awards, and new investors who shared our visions.



Growing and ready to help

We have over 200 chatbot solutions running on our conversation platform. We have gained the trust of other great clients and won the prestigious Microsoft Awards. We are growing with a small team in Pardubice and a desire to improve the world.



Picking up speed

New investors are coming into Feedyou and we are meeting our target for 2021 – we have secured an investment of CZK 20 million. Development is in full swing, we’re bringing in new staff and we’re racing ahead.



Rebranding & the born of voice

We are going through a sexy rebranding and focusing on a new product – voicebots. New Feedies, new clients and new opportunities. Feedyou Platform has 250+ implementations in 30 countries.


Check out how we live


What we are proud of

Partner Associations

Česká asociace umělé inteligence



Concordia Design Accelerator

Poland Prize

StartupYard Accelerator

Ment2Grow Accelerator

Chatbot & Voicebot Summit Ambassador for CEE

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