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For STRV, we have created a chatbot for collecting consent as part of the new GDPR Regulation. Our technology has taken an unpleasant theme and made it fun, while also achieving an excellent conversion rate.

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  • Problem

    The leading manufacturer in mobile apps for the US market has about 5,000 contacts in its database, with whom they are in contact and trying to build a relationship. They called on us to help them obtain consent to the processing of personal data as part of the recent implementation of the new GDPR European Personal Data Protection Act, but in their own style, which is fast, fun and innovative.

  • Our solution

    Together with the client, we created the GDPR chatbot, which STRV sent to 500 of the lowest-quality contacts in its database. We achieved an excellent response, and a conversion rate of over 10%. The company has placed its chatbot on Facebook and LinkedIn, so that new contacts are already GDPR-compliant.

1 week

conversion rate of obtained consent
conversion rate of obtained consent
times more successful than classic e-mailing

Where are we now

Our chatbot was able to obtain consent to the processing of personal data within the newly introduced GDPR framework in a simple, fast and non-aggressive manner. All that had to be done was send out an e-mail with a link to the chatbot and let the chatbot take care of the rest. In just a few minutes, the chatbot was able to handle what would otherwise be a huge burden on the already busy HR or PR department at STRV. And all with great success, far beyond what an ordinary e-mail could achieve.

What they’ve said about us

It took 3 weeks from the initial briefing to the release. What makes the candidate experience unique is the funny and friendly tone of voice, combined with the cool GIFs that Feedyou prepared. The experience has already started with an initial email that was totally different to what other companies were sending when requiring the GDPR consent. When you select a chatbot provider, technical expertise isn’t the only priority. Check how the vendor understands the business, marketing and copywriting. Ask for references. Feedyou proved that they are able to manage it all.We’ve confirmed that people were 3x more likely to use the bot than filling in a form. From this point of view, ROI worked.Matěj Matolín, Head of HR @ STRV

What we’re planning next

We want to further develop and teach the GDPR chatbot. We plan to integrate the GDPR chatbot with the new ATS system, for even more automation.

About STRV

STRV is a Czech technology company dedicated to the development of mobile applications for iOS and Android, and to creating web and backend solutions for American startup companies. In the United States, STRV has had offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York since 2014.

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